Saturday, April 11, 2020

Welcome to OhDormouse Comics!

 Hello and welcome to OhDormouse Comics!

Current News

               As of writing this blog post, this is our first day of being online! Yay! 

               Please feel free to click on "About the Founder" to learn more about OhDormouse Comics as well as myself.
               Want to see some of my artwork? I created all of the images used on this website, but if that's not enough for you, I have an "Illustration Gallery" where you can see some of the works I'm most proud of.
               Interested in reading some stories? Click on "Books and Graphic Novels" to learn about the stories I recommend!
               Do you need to get in contact with me? My contact information as well as social media links are in "Social Media and Contact Info"


               I've created a comic of my own!

               Mokari is a high seas adventure focused on a mute thief that can steal the voices of others by using a powerful jewel that can do a number of other amazing things as well. He reluctantly gets mixed up with an old salty sea captain and the captain's bubbly and friendly niece. Forced in to exile from his own lands, Len joins the Silver Compass crew as they sail the seas of Nyth and adventure forth to it's many lands!
               However, when you have a powerful magical item that tends to have a mind of it's own, it can cause a lot of trouble, especially when you board with a jinx of a mechanic and her ex-pirate uncle!

If you want to read Mokari click here!